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This is a list of all the apps / games we have released.
APP Name Levels
ESL Advanced Opposites ESL Advanced Opposites


Do you know your opposites? Try and see!

ESL Advanced Opposites screen 1

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ESL Spell The Word Starter ESL Spell The Word Starter


This app was made with the most basic words for early learners of English aged 4-7 years of age. It will help them improve their spelling greatly. The app is easily re-playable as well so they can keep trying until they are confident in their spelling.

ESL Spell The Word Starter

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ESL Find The Animals ESL Find The Animals


This app is aimed at learners of English, to assist with word recognition and spelling.

Step 1: look at the grid and see if you can work out any animal names.
Step 2: connect the letters to spell out the animal. 
Step 3: find all animals in the grid to complete the level.

ESL Find The Animals

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ESL Guess The Word ESL Guess The Word


A fun and exciting app to help ESL learners identify and correctly spell everyday objects. A player needs to click on squares to reveal parts of an image. With the hints they need to guess what the object is and choose the correct letters that make up the correct spellings.

Screenshot 1

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